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Please excuse me while life shifts!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We all go through it.

We all fall, and that isn't failure.

As long as you get back up. It's okay to let your mind rest. Please do. Especially during these times.

If you need time. If you need rest. If you need to just float for a little bit, do it!

Many of us feel that our worlds are turned upside down right now.

I ask you today, to find little bits of joy in each day.
Because happiness and sadness and can coincide.

Enjoy that smile even if you may be sad or frustrated or worried inside.

And go easy on yourself. When the days get overwhelming, remind yourself that dinners don't have to be perfect. Family time can be relaxing in front of a TV.

And it is A-ok to be Not Okay or.. to pretend all you want on those hard days, just to get through.

Here is a reminder: We are all going through something. I'm no stronger than the person beside me.

I fall

Let myself rest

Smile to get through

And when I'm ready

I. Get. Back. Up

Pssst... one more reminder:

•Your children love you just the way you are.⠀Their mommy is the best mommy!

•Your partner just wants to have fun with their best friend. They don’t see the flaws you see.⠀

•Those friends of yours think you’re amazing A.F! They think the same about you and love YOU past the imperfections, that you focus on.⠀

•Your co-workers admire things about you, you probably don’t even realize.⠀

That all being said, each day we continue to allow Negative Nancy/Ned to lead our thoughts. This stops YOU from your own personal greatnesses! ⠀

•Those voices tell us our body/mind isn’t what it should be and that we should CRINGE in the mirror at our reflection. ⠀

•They have us complaining and picking on our self. Allowing our inner subconscious to hear and in turn leaving it doubting our ability to take on new challenges to step into a higher version of ourselves. ⠀

•They tell us we cant, when we damn well can!!! ⠀

It’s your time to shut off Nancy and Ned! Let YOUR bad ass self take the reigns! Look at all your amazing qualities (within) and FOCUS on that! And if you’ve been trying and just cant it is okay to have a little sprinkle of help along the way!! ⠀

If you are interested in dropping out from this negative mindset culture and entering into your PERSONAL PLACE OF POWER drop me a message!





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