You aware of the dangers behind the images and expectations the diet culture imposes upon women every day. Restrictive meal plans, obsessive working out, and the idolizing of fitness celebrities online all lead to self-doubt, body shaming, and sometimes eating disorders. My coaching has evolved over the years after 10+  years in the competitive fitness industry.

The Love Move Vibe program evolved into what it is after becoming a mother.  As a mother, I have hidden my body on days I felt uncomfortable in my skin, and I understand how toxic all the advertised and promoted images and expectations can be.  As a mother, I understand how little time we have each day; which we, in turn, use to guilt-trip ourselves out of taking care of ourselves.  As a mother I understand how much easier it is to eat off of your toddler's plate than consuming high-vibe foods, that make YOU feel good.  


All of this lead me to create a lifestyle program that lifts women up, introduces new self-loving tools, and eradicates the BS you are being sold online.  

"As women, we often lose sight of our body
being a valuable, beautiful asset, 
and something we should 
appreciate for all the ways it serves us!"

Instead, we try quick-fix diets or purchase the pills, or we work out only as a form of punishment after eating pizza or other foods labeled as “bad foods”. 


How can we expect our body, both inside and out, to serve us at its highest capability if we are constantly putting it down?


How often do you stop and listen to the harsh words you use on yourself?


I am willing to place a bet, those words you say to yourself, you would never dare say to your friend, a family member, or your child. So why do we give permission to our minds, to say those words to ourselves? 


We convince our minds that we do not value our own worth. 


The programs created under the Love Move Vibe mantra are all centralized around Self-Care and Self-Love first. Once self-love is initiated, then and only then, will we reap the benefits of movements for our physical health and the power behind ingesting high-vibe foods that make you feel good and allow you to move with ease. 


When we remove the guilt that society has placed on food, food stops being the enemy. 

When we stop using FOOD as an AWARD, we are able to find alternative methods to appreciate our accomplishments. 


In these programs, we work together to develop the tools you need to prevent self-sabotage but also external sabotage. 

External sabotage being a negative (and usually unintentional) energy that can come from social media, advertising, or other individuals.  This is an energy that can also sabotage your personal journey. 


"With the right mix of Love, Movement and High-Vibe thoughts and food, the goal in any Love-Move-Vibe program is to work alongside with all the unleashed Goodness within, so that you can evolve into the BEST version of YOU- spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically… you name it,"

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Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Wine & Dessert Party

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Mainstream advertising has taught us how to hate our bodies, ultimately, so we buy their products. In turn however we end up becoming more sick and increasingly unhealthy, chasing the ideal "perfect" body that they have sold us and told us to aspire to achieve. In the LOVE MOVE VIBE programs, #bodypositivity is the first and foremost focus.  You will achieve great things if you believe that your amazing mind, body and soul can get you there, but you have to LOVE yourself and believe in yourself first. 

Image by Heather Ford


Food is NOT the enemy.  So often we are told that certain foods will make us fat. The truth is, that is pure BS and I, myself have fallen victim to these thoughts.  There was a time when I feared condiments, or pizza or anything outside of what was dubbed as "clean foods" in the early 2000's.  The goal of a #DietCultureDropOut is to look at food and understand it is not GOOD, nor is it BAD. Food has no morals or values.  It is a source of fuel.  When we eat, we want to eat foods that give us energy, but that does not eliminate the times when food can be enjoyed and celebrated in moderation!



Once you shift your mindset back to loving yourself, everything else changes.  Things like the scale, measurements and external opinions that used to effect how you see yourself, slowly start to lose their power.  Self-Love, spreading love and paying good vibes forward, will allow your body and mind to naturally fall into a healthy space and place.