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Hello! Welcome to the 30-day challenge!


My name is Melissa and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach

But...I am also a 40-year-old mama of three! I understand the Hormone struggle as we get older, and how everything we used to do... just stops working!


What if I told you the Diet Industry is literally confusing us on the daily by messing with our hormones and natural systems so we are allllways battling low energy, frustrating PMS, and hormonal weight gain?


That they make MONEY off of us hating ourselves or failing at every diet we try (because they know the diets are not sustainable).


Makes sense right... how else would they keep MAKING MONEY if we did not fail?


Screenshot 2024-01-26 225005.png

I understand...

I understand what it feels like to be a prisoner in your own body. To be exhausted every day. To not understand why what used to work, no longer works.

Because that was me.

I have tried every diet in the books! 

And guess what... I was burnt out from the restrictions and limited amount of food, and I always felt guilty every time I fell off. 


It was when I gave up dieting for good, looked to the science of our bodies, and simplified my approach to eating that everything changed. 

stopped gaining and losing the same 20lbs, and have stayed the same weight for over 7 years, with NO restrictions, I still enjoy my wine and treats and it had NOTHING to do with exercise!

I took this protocol and have tested it on all my clients for the last 2 years, and EVERY SINGLE CLIENT has experienced the exact same thing!

And now I am making the protocol available to YOU!

And offering a 30 day challenge to help you get started!

This was me before, I could go up and down 20lbs every time I tried a new diet, and I was over it!


This is me when I changed my entire approach to food and nutrition... no food fears, no diets, no weight fluctuations, just energy, joy and feeling amazing in my body again!


I created this for women who are looking for a better WAY! They want a way to eat that allows them to enjoy LIFE, aligns with their female hormones (yes you can feel better during perimenopause through your nutrition), and how they can look amazing as they age!

This is for women who feel like they are always 'falling off' their program, have to restrict or earn food, feel that they are always snacking, or just hate how food controls them. (there is a reason for this and I share it in the program)


I have built an easy-to-follow 30-day program that is packed with videos, journal prompts, and a community of women who are on the journey with you!

This HABIT RESET challenge provides you with all of THIS 👇👇👇

  • The EXACT method to eliminate all cravings and binges - right away (this is one secret that has been proven to be true by EVERY single client I have had to date)How to understand your metabolism (this is the secret tool to finally quitting dieting)

  • All the SECRETS the diet industry does not want you to know - because you will NEVER diet again

  • How to EAT in a way that is simpler than any diet you have ever done

  • What hormones are changing with age and how you can combat what they are doing to your body!

  • The SECRET (not pill) diet pill ;) that literally helps you shed weight and has NOTHING to do with Diet or Exercise

  • Understanding what stops your body from digesting food (and instead storing it as body fat)

  • How to follow the protocols while eating out or when life hands you a curve ball

You will walk away with a complete understanding of the nutritional protocol my clients use to balance hormones, eliminate perimenopause and menopause symptoms, and release unwanted weight (while gaining killer amounts of newly found energy!!!)

Screenshot 2024-01-24 190904.png
Screenshot 2024-01-24 190909.png
Screenshot 2024-01-24 190924.png

You also get INSTANT access to an entire MEAL Database full of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are already precalculated for you to match the LMV nutritional protocol - all you have to do is get your groceries!

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Learning Modules


Comes with daily videos that teach you EVERYTHING, so you never have to diet again.  And journal prompts to track what you have learned!

Meal Plans & Ideas

Data Base (with meals and snacks that are family friendly, quick and perfectly match the LMV Nutritional Protocols)


When you finish this course you will have a full understanding of your hormones, how they impact your weight, energy and how to align with them through nutrition!

Life Changing

Learn the exact way my clients and I have all stopped binges and cravings forever! PLUS How to make this fit your life, so you can enjoy eating out and more!

Healthy Morning




AMAZING! I am so excited!

Here is the deal....

You will NEVER diet again!

You will feel INSTANT energy in your first week!

You will eliminate BINGES and CRAVINGS!

You will release unwanted WEIGHT!

If You’re Like Most Women Inside My Community, then you probably feel like you’ve tried everything.


Low Carb, NO fat, … eat less, move more, Keto, intermittent fasting, Weight Watchers, meal replacement shakes…
The list is endless!


And as we have all realized with those 'options' ... there are NO long-term results….

So,  I am inviting you to try something RADICALLY DIFFERENT!!


When women try the LMV approach, EVERYTHING changes for them.

They understand how to eat and work out for this phase in their life: entering perimenopause with all kinds of changes happening to their bodies, inside and out! And with a few SCIENCE-based shifts…

✅They release hormonal weight gain
✅They have glowing skin and lots of energy.

✅They’re no longer binge eating or feel trapped in that vicious cycle.
✅They have regular 💩’s again
✅They feel freaking amazing and strong!
✅They learn to love their bodies and ignore the Diet Culture chatter


I know you’re here because you want to build a body that you love.

You want to nourish your body and fix your metabolism.

You want to have more energy and feel more vibrant.


That is why I created EMPOWER40, and now you can join a 30-day CHALLENGE to see what it’s all about!!


For only $87 you get access to the 30-day challenge:

Here is what you get:

  • Weekly video modules outlining the exact Nutritional Protocol me and my clients use

  • A database of breakfast lunch and dinners so you don’t have to worry about figuring it out

  • Lessons teaching you how to work with your hormones to release weight and get your energy back

  • A daily workout video for the entire month, that you can do at home!

  • Daily Journal prompts

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Daily habit tracker

  • Direct DM access to me the entire time

All in an APP on your phone!


I am offering this so women can kick start their journey to feeling and looking better but at an absolute fraction of the price of my 1:1 program.
I am doing this so I can help more women, break free from hormonal confusion, release unwanted weight, and finally have an approach that is NOT eat less and move more.




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