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Imagine a world where you come first...
Most of us cannot because we tend to put everyone and everything before ourselves.
This is why I created the LOVE, MOVE & VIBE Programs.
I want to take you on a journey.
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You will be provided with weekly journal/workbook assignments for personal and holistic growth.  Focused on 're-training your brain in a more positive and #selflove light!


Gentle plans to slowly shift your mindset, creating new routines, rituals and habits that will foster an environment to be the best version of YOU!


As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist I know that what and how we eat is key to our overall health, however as a mom I understand that it is not always that easy. This program is created with the busy YOU in mind.


MOVEment is essential to your health, yet so many of us are turned off from typical gruesome exercises. You will have options for move days at home or in the gym, with video guidance!

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This is a journey for you ... unscripted
  • To better understand who you are

  • To remember what it feels like to love yourself

  • To stop the diet culture mindset we have engrained in our brain and learn new habits, routines and rituals!

  • To understand how to get in "move" days, even with a crazy busy schedule

  • The importance of high-vibe meals in your life, and how to stop demonizing food

  • To escape the negative self-talk, and self-sabotage and exchange it for self-love and results!


This is not a diet.  It is not a workout program. This is a holistic approach to being a better, more balance more self-loving mama.. that will, in the end, make you a better YOU.

Love Move Vibe

8- Week Small Group
#LMV app!

This is an 8-week program led by Certified Holistic Health Coach Melissa, in a safe group setting.

Weekly Check-ins

Full nutritional guidance

Movement days prescribed for 8 weeks

Weekly sessions with Melissa

Tools, tips and tricks to use after the 8 weeks are finished

Weekly workbook

Assignments & journal topics for 8 weeks

Anti-Diet Culture topics & tools to prevent self sabotage

Love Move Vibe

90 day 1-on-1
Total Transformation Custom Program


Customized program for those ready to take a big leap into self-development with the security of unlimited access to coach, and private sessions.

Completely customized
12-week Self-Love Lifestyle Program
12 weekly check-in calls
12 weekly assignments & journals; growth/mindset themed
Unlimited access to coach
Home movement days (includes core)
Tools for eating out/preventing self-sabotage
Lifetime access to the membership forum