A journey rooted in love...


THIS FRIDAY JULY 29th at 12pm (EST)


I want to help you see past your self-perceived limitations, eliminate food fears and create the most beautiful relationship with yourself and your BODY!

Because when, and only when you truly fall in love with yourself - will you be able to finally feel FREEDOM from societal expectations and simultaneously achieve optimal health within your Mind, Body & Soul!

Sounds freaking amazing huh!?

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No matter what your goal is, you will not maintain it when the diet is done.  We need to dig deeper!

Are you caught in the guilt cycle society places on us?

So many of us think 'weightloss' is the answer to optimal life, happiness and joy! We have been sold and told that for years.

But the problem is we have been sold and told through tactics that cause dangerous relationships with food, exercising and OURSELVES!

We are great at dieting, really we are.

We are NOT great at habits, healthy habits and lifestyles.

Which is why we constantly are in a negative relationship with our bodies, food and our hearts.

So, you wanna lose 5, 10, 15 pounds? 

I did too. OR SO I THOUGHT....

But then what?

What do you do when the diet is over???

Even as a trainer and coach to athletes and women, I spent years yo-yo dieting, being obsessed with the scale, counting calories, working out and limiting my LIFE ... all to just try and fit into a mold I THOUGHT I wanted to be. And it sucked!

Like big time! I would go between 135lbs to 195lbs in no time flat!

  • Food owned me

  • Going to the gym was driven by guilt

  • And never once did I feel at ease

  • I was always chasing the scale, or the outfit I wanted to fit back into

  • I never worse certain clothes (like shorts) because I was insecure and they did not compare to the photoshopped images I saw online or in ads

  • SOCIETAL expectations controlled me...it controls us all




I said all the same things you probably say to yourself...

"Once I get in better shape, I can enjoy life more"

"I can't eat that because I won't be able to stop eating once I do!"

"F*** it, I will start dieting on Monday, weekend BINGE, here I come!"

"I have to workout to work off that pizza I ate"

"I will be happier if I look a certain way"

"Cardio, cardio, cardio..."

"This cellulite is NOT attractive, I definitely don't have the body to wear the shorts!"

Sound familiar?

But one day I heard the most powerful statement that changed my life.

"You CANNOT hate yourself, into loving yourself"

And the reality is, as long as you are hating on your body, you will never be in sync with its beautiful capability and desire to be in homeostasis.  As long as we are sending negative images, we will see ourselves in a negative light. Food, movement and life will all have a hold over us.

And that was it...  I decided to change my outlook on life, and how I worked with my clients! I realized I had to stop worrying about what others thought of me, or what media says I should look like and I started to FOCUS on something super basic - just loving my self!

I committed to the #DIETCULTUREDROPOUT lifestyle and also I decided to ... #WEARTHESHORTS... (and just so you know, I have never looked back)!


So, what are you waiting for?
This is what we are going to talk about in the webinar!

  • How to approach your wellness journey from a place of self-love first!

  • How to stop the internal fight with negative comments and break free of generational trauma or beliefs embedded in your mind through gentle brain 're-training'

  • How to start rewriting your story (or beliefs) - so you can begin to eliminate toxic relationships with food and exercise 




Loving yourself leads to a level of understanding that you are a gifted and unique human with endless possibilities amongst your journey we call LIFE!