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I have worked with Melissa as an athlete and, now, as a brand new first time mama and I can definitely say her program works for whatever chapter of life you’re in. From the f*** social media & diet culture to the smash & shift practices to mindfulness in everyday life, this program has allowed me to be conscious and present without comparing myself to others and without feeling guilty for having that ice cream at 11pm. Melissa is knowledgeable, organized, available, and genuinely cares for the women in her program! If you’re looking for a program that focuses on you without the BS, it’s this one! 

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In 3 months the changes that I have seen in my body and mind were significant.  I was down 20 pounds, countless inches, my cravings have diminished significantly, sleeping better, a positive shift in my mindset, and I was even counting macros for my diet.  

Melissa is more than a holistic health & transformation coach.  She is a friend, drill sergeant, and a loving mom at the same time.  She pushes you when she knows you can do more and supports you in time of need.  You are never alone in the process.  Her approach is unique.  Your mindset is just as important as the physical training and healthy eating.  I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of delicious food that was part of the program which allowed me to maintain a hectic work schedule without compromising on the eating plan.  Anytime I was traveling or unsure she coached me to be fully prepared and provided reminders of why I started this journey in the first place. 

This S.H.I.F.T. journey is not easy but it’s absolutely amazing, there are times where you won’t feel that you are doing your best or things are not working.   It’s taught me so much about my mental and physical capabilities.  You can do this.  We all can do this.  Trust the process and be honest.  Melissa’s commitment to your journey is remarkable.  She will help you through every moment of uncertainty and she will cheer louder than you will for every win and success through the journey.   Couldn’t have don’t it without you.  XO


I found the program which Melissa coached me through very rewarding. She was responsive whenever I had a question and flexible with my dietary needs. One piece of advice I would give anyone looking at this program is to make time for yourself no matter what and be honest. Tracking my daily food intake through the macro method Is a struggle I have, but I work through it to get the hang of it. In the 30 day program, I was able to lose approximately 13lbs and maintain it. I have lost noticeable inches in key areas of my body. Big thanks to Melissa for working through the 30-day challenge with me. Our weekly check-ins always came with motivation and drive about our mindset and keeping positive. This program got me back on track and I have full intentions to continue with this lifestyle. 

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Taking the leap and participating in Shift and Mindset training is one of the best life choices I ever made. I had followed Melissa for some time on Instagram and loved the energy and honesty she put out into the universe. I had just gone through a third ectopic pregnancy in less than a year and was looking for something to help me take control and turn things around physically and mentally. I wasn’t feeling myself, I knew I wasn’t making positive food and exercise choices, and I wanted to be healthy for an eventual successful pregnancy. I knew I needed someone to motivate me and keep me accountable. 

I can’t even begin to describe what I learned in 12 weeks. I learned so much about food (and my relationship with it) with Melissa teaching me about macros and tailoring my workouts to what my schedule would fit. I’m Mom of two kids, working full time throughout the week and mostly just trying to make it all work. Week after week, my one on one calls with Melissa always left me rejuvenated and challenged me to create strong habits I could carry forward beyond S.H.I.F.T. I think about what I’m grateful for each day, what I’ve accomplished, I make sure I move every day and I plan to hit my macros. I own my day. Melissa creates a safe space and relationship with you to create healthy habits, accountability to yourself and to fall in love with taking care of yourself, your mind, body, and spirit. 

Without Melissa and this program, I would not be in the positive space I am today, ready to navigate my next journey ahead. Thank you from my whole heart!


I have REALLY enjoyed working with you. We have had some incredible chats, I have learned a lot about slowing down, putting myself first, and really stopping to think about what I put into my body before doing so. I have learned about how different foods trigger reactions in my body, how to take time to think about myself and how to set better and more achievable goals. I have learned that things don't magically happen overnight, that I need to stop and look at the small victories and to not push them aside. The past 12 weeks have 100% helped me shift my mindset into a more positive direction, focusing on the positives and taking time to care about myself, not just those around me....because if I'm not taking time for myself, I can't be healthy for them



Let me tell you.... This week has been extremely busy as I have been working solo at work BUT.... I have been sooo on track with my food and feeling damn good!! All these tools are really becoming part of my routine.... 20 min lunch, hunger scale, cravings (it's usually water! Lol) positive self talk.... I also have been looking out for me more. With everything , my time, my need for some down time etc. Even not stressing about the little things... or trying not to! It may sound cliche but I totally feel that I am being intentional with all the things I do and I feel a shift with me happening that I LOVE!!

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Melis was a great coach. She helped me understand my macros and gave me great support during my processes. Her one-on-one's really got to the root of my problems and helped get me on the right track. After each one-on-one, I became more motivated, confident, and supported that I could lose the weight. I am a very picky eater but she was able to create a meal plan that worked for me. I have been on diets in the past where I was eating things that I hated. With Melis, it was the first time that I actually enjoyed my food. In 12 weeks I lost 18 pounds. Thank you Melis!

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