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Program Options
This is a passion project for me, and I will work with anyone willing to step foot into a new way of living - so that balance, calmness and no more dieting can be a part of your every day.  I have payment plan options and more. Please email me if you would like to discuss!
*Everyone deserves to live self- Loving, Moving and Vibing!*
  • Love Move Vibe

    Every month
    6 Month 3-phase Program
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 month (3-Phase) program based in self-love
    • Weekly LIVE Coaching and Group Sessions with Melissa
    • Movement and Mobility
    • Weekly 1 on 1 Check-in with Melissa
    • Curated nutritional guidance
    • Weekly workbook
    • Assignments and journal topics for the program
    • Anti-Diet Culture topics, and tools to prevent self sabotage
    • 100% support along the way
  • It's my time!

    4 months (1 on 1 Custom Program)
    Valid for 4 months
    • 1 on 1 customized private coaching (with in person sessions)
    • LMV Course on App: 12 weeks #dietculturedropout modules
    • Weekly Group LMV coaching sessions
    • FULL Access to LMV app
    • Customize Hormone & Metabolic Nutritional Programing
    • Weekly work on mindset (content & journals)
    • Self love tips/tricks and routines
    • 4 months focused on balance, calmness and inner work
    • Movement for longevity that you will LOVE (ALL in the App)
    • A holistic approach to self care and resetting YOU
  • Move & Vibe

    Every month
    Perfect follow up to #LMV or 1 on 1 Transformation Programs
    • 45 minute Coaching & Accountability Group Weekly Sessions
    • Monthly custom at-home move days created JUST FOR YOU!
    • Recipes selected and linked to your program for the month
    • Meal prep ideas/ plan for the month
    • Customizable based on nutritional/wellness needs
    • Private check in at end of month (45 minutes)
    • LOVE and SUPPORT from Melissa during the month!
    • MACRO options available if needed
    • End of week check in
  • Nutritional Blueprint

    • 14 video modules to NEVER diet again
    • Supplement support: specific for perimenopause/menopause
    • The SECRETS Diet culture does not want you to know!
    • A nutritional meal planning DATABASE to get you started.
    • Online community of women on the same journey as you!
    • Access to Melissa in the APP through the community.
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