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Body Positive Mindset & Lifestyle Coaching

"When and only when you fall in love with yourself, does your mind, body, and soul fall into place as well!"

The Love Move Vibe programs all focus on self-care and self-love first. The underlying goal is to "shift" your mind, and your body will follow. (No one likes change, so we make small shifts internally and externally so you can achieve measurable AND non-measurable success!)


You are able to succeed because in the Love Move Vibe (3-phase program)  you are provided with a solid SOLUTION via a HOLISTIC approach while being INSPIRED to be the best possible version of you! We do this together, not only via nutritional & mindset coaching but pairing that with FUNCTIONAL movement programs that are TAILORED to you.



" I have learned a lot about slowing down, putting myself first, and really stopping to think about what I put into my body before doing so. I have learned about how different foods trigger reactions in my body, how to take time to think about myself and how to set better and more achievable goals. "

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Meet Melissa


Melissa Melnychuk CHHC. is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is also Plant-Based Certified from Cornell University and spokesperson for Empathy Plant Co. Melissa started her practice in 2010 and has worked with women and men from all walks of life. From those who may be on a new health journey, entrepreneurs, traveling executives, stay at home moms, former fitness competitors, professional athletes and more.

The central message that Melissa shares with her clients is that, "there should be a love for YOU, in any SHIFT or PIVOT you make in your life."

As a mother of 3 and former fitness athlete Melissa understands how to balance a holistic (busy) lifestyle. Melissa went back to school in 2010, to become a certified holistic health coach. Her approach is gentle and looks deeper than a diet or workout plan. An advocate for #bodypositivity and the #dietculturedropout movement, she doesn't believe in restrictions or limitations, but eating high-vibration foods, and being active with things you want to be doing!


Melissa provides group coaching and 12 week customized one-on-one lifestyle programs based on individual needs.


There are no rules... just a desire to help you get to the absolute BEST version of YOU!

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